Metal Detecting Resource Guide

If you are looking for a good resource that puts all of your detecting needs in one location then you found the right place. Our Metal Detecting Resource Guide includes all of the metal detectors we have reviewed, compared, and recommended in one of our articles. Plus, we include recommended accessories that are a must have for each detector including pin-pointers, headphones, and more.

Metal Detectors by Brand

The tables below are broken down by the brand of metal detectors. Below the table you will find a list of accessories. I’ve tried to include some of the accessories that are typcial for each metal detector.

For instance, if you are a water hunter, you are going to need a set of waterproof headphones. Most metal detectors don’t come with waterproof headphones so I tried to save you time by providing you the links you to sites that will give you an idea of the price that these metal detectors and accessories are going for.

Also, the hyper links you will see are provided so you can compare prices and get more information on the item. My vendor of choice is Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. If you find something you like please consider giving them your business.

Fort Bedford Metal Detectors

Minelab Metal Detectors

Minelab has been around a long time and their metal detectors are some of the best on the market. I recently picked up a GPX 4500 and the Equinox 800 and they are both 2 of my favorite machines. Here is how I would describe each of the Minelab detectors below:

Vanquish Series = Beginner to semi-advanced user.
Equinox = Simple enough for a beginner (600) but complex enough for advanced users.
GPX = Pulse Induction. Tough for beginners. This is a more advanced machine.
CTX = Very powerful and good for the semi-advanced to advanced user.

Broken out below is a table that will take you over to Kellyco Metal Detectors to learn more about each machine and compare prices and package deals. Usually around Christmas time is when you can find some amazing deals. If you do find a good deal shop it around and see if you can get the same deal or better from Fort Bedford Metal Detectors.

Vanquish Series (not waterproof)340440540540 Pro Pack
Equinox (100% waterproof)600800
GPX (Pulse Induction not waterproof)45005000
CTX (100% waterproof)3030

Recommended Minelab Accessories

There are so many accessories you can buy for the Minelab metal detectors but if you are buying a waterproof machine such as the Equinox 600/800 or CTX (listed above) you are probably going to want to pick up a set of waterproof headphones. I highly recommend them for these 2 machines:

Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold?
Do Metal Detectors Detect Gold?

Recommended Minelab Equinox Coils

I own all 3 of these coils for the Minelab Equinox and all 3 have a purpose. I like the 11″ the best but I have found the 6″ and 15″ coils to have their own purpose and I recommend owning all of them if possible. I wrote a comparison post that goes into more detail about each coil to include price differences etc. You can find that article here or by clicking the image below.

After Market Minelab Equinox Coils

In 2021 Coiltek released 3 new search coils for the Minelab Equinox. You can find more information about their 10×5“, 14×9” and 15DD search coils by clicking the image below.

Looking For Other Minelab Accessories?

Click this Kellyco link to see all the other accessories Minelab has to offer.

Garrett Metal Detectors

Ace Series150200300400***New*** APEX
AT SeriesAT ProAT MaxATX (pulse)

Recommended Coils for Garrett Metal Detectors

AT Pro5 X 8 DD Coil by GarrettNEL Storm 13 X 14NEL Snake 6.5 X 3.5
ATXGarrett 11 X 13″ DD ClosedGarrett 10 X 12″ DD
AT MaxNEL Storm 13 X 14″NEL SharpShooter 9.5 X 5.5

Recommended Garrett Accessories

XP Metal Detectors

XP is not stranger to the metal detecting community. They have the lightest and one of the most powerful metal detectors on the market. Late in 2021, XP announced their latest flagship the XP Deus II and its already looking like its going to be great machine in 2022. For more information on the DEUS II you can find it by clicking the image below:


XP Metal Detectors

Deus II (coming soon)WS6 (soon)WSA II (soon)WSA II-XL (soon)
DeusWS4 WirelessWS5 Wirelss
ORXFX-02 Wired HeadphonesWS Wireless

Recommended Coils or Both The XP Deus and ORX

9″ Round X35 DD Coil 11″ Round X35 DD Coil 13×11 Round X35 DD Coil
9″ HF Round DD Coil 9.5″ HF Elliptical DD Coil

Recommended XP Accessories

Nokta Makro Metal Detectors

Nokta MakroModelModelModel
SimplexNo WirelessWireless
*** NEW *** Legend (coming soon)

Recommended Nokta Makro Coils

Nokta MakroCoil
AnfibioNokta Makro 11″ Black Waterproof Coil
SimplexNokta Makro 11″ DD Waterproof Coil

Recommended Nokta Makro Accessories

Metal Detecting Digging Shovels

Please check out my previous article titled “6 Great Metal Detecting Shovels“. I own each one of these shovels and I highly recommend them. Each shovel has its own purpose depending on the digging conditions. Read more.

Ready For a New Detector or Piece of Gear?

When you are ready to make a purchase I recommend doing business with Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. Keith Leppert is great to work with you and he will give you the best price he can. I can’t recommend Keith and Fort Bedford Metal Detectors enough. Contact Keith Leppert via phone 814-215-1732 or contact him via Facebook or through his website.

If it turns out that Keith can’t get you what you need feel free to use the links to the products I’ve provided. I am also an affiliate for both Amazon and Kellyco. You are not obligated to in any way to use my links but they do earn me a small fee which is at no additional cost to you. Anything I earn helps keep this web site going. Thank you for your support.

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