Is the Minelab Manticore the Ultimate Metal Detector? An in-depth review.


The metal detecting hobby is full of many brands and models to choose from, but one name that always comes up in the conversation is Minelab. Known for producing high-quality metal detectors and incorporating cutting-edge technology, Minelab has a reputation for being at the forefront of the industry. Recently, they’ve released a new detector to the market – the Manticore – and it’s being hailed as the ultimate metal detector. The question is, does it live up to the hype? In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Minelab Manticore, evaluating its technical capabilities and performance in the field, and determining whether it truly is the ultimate metal detector on the market

Manticore Technical Overview.

The Minelab Manticore metal detector is built on the foundation of its super-charged Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (MULTI-IQ+) engine, which generates an incredible 50% power increase over Minelab’s best-selling detector series of all time, the EQUINOX. This allows the Manticore to reach greater depths and identify targets with greater precision.

In addition to its powerful engine, the Manticore also features advanced 2D Target Identification (ID) technology. This innovative feature allows the detector to not only identify the presence of a target, but also to provide an estimate of the target’s size and depth. This allows the detectorist to quickly and easily identify valuable targets while disregarding junk or undesirable items.

The Manticore also boasts a range of rich audio options, including customizable tone ID, volume control, and a built-in speaker. This makes it easy for detectorists to interpret the signals they receive and adjust the detector’s settings accordingly for the best results. The detector also offers wireless audio compatibility with headphones, providing maximum comfort and convenience.

Overall, the Minelab Manticore offers a wide range of advanced features that allows the detectorists to perform efficient and precise detection, whether you are a beginner or an experienced detectorist.

For a full list of features and technical specifications please visit Minelab’s website.

What I’ve Seen From The Field Tests.

To evaluate the performance of the Minelab Manticore metal detector, I conducted a series of field tests in various environments and conditions. I’ve tested the Manticore’s detection depth, target identification, and overall performance against a variety of targets including coins, jewelry, and relics.

In terms of detection depth, the Manticore performed exceptionally well, consistently reaching greater depths than other top metal detectors on the market. It was able to locate targets buried as deep as 12 inches, and even deeper in some cases. This is largely due to the powerful Multi-IQ+ technology engine.

When it comes to target identification, the Manticore’s advanced 2D Target ID technology proved to be incredibly accurate and reliable. The detector was able to accurately identify and distinguish between different types of metal, even in highly mineralized ground. This feature allows a detectorist the ability to easily identify valuable targets while disregarding junk or undesirable items.

Overall, the Minelab Manticore proved to be a powerful and reliable detector during my field tests. Its advanced features allowed me to locate targets with greater depth and precision, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced detectorists alike.

Who Are The Manticore Competitors?

XP’s Deus II Metal Detector

When comparing the Minelab Manticore to other metal detectors on the market, it’s clear that the Manticore is at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology and performance. One of its main competitors is the XP Deus 2, which is considered as one of the best performing metal detectors in 2022. Both the Manticore and XP Deus 2 have powerful multi-frequency technology, but the Manticore has a slight edge in power over the XP Deus. It also has a more pleasing color display interface that is simple to navigate and easy to see.

The Manticore also outperforms most detectors in terms of detection depth and target identification. Its advanced 2D Target ID technology and powerful Multi-IQ+ engine allow the detector to reach greater depths and provide more precise target identification than many other models.

Another notable and surprising competitor is Minelab’s own Equinox 900. The latest upgrade to the Equinox series, the 900 is a versatile and powerful detector that offers a range of features suitable for both beginners and advanced detectorists. It also comes with a depth indicator, wireless audio feature, flashlight, handle vibration etc. Both the Manticore and the Equinox 900 are similar in terms of feature set but the Manticore’s power increase and advanced 2D Target ID technology, multiple search programs, customizable ferrous limits, tones, etc. puts the Manticore the next level up compared to the Equinox 900.

Equinox 700 and 900 metal detector
Minelab’s Equinox 900 w/6″ coin and 11″ DD coil

While there are other metal detectors on the market that can compete with the Manticore in certain areas, the Manticore’s combination of powerful technology, advanced features, and overall performance make it one of the best detectors available today. However, it is worth noting that detection in certain conditions has seen some limitations in the areas of detection depth and target ID capability. Minelab will certainly need to address those concerns with an update in the future.

The Manticore Should Be Worth Considering.

In conclusion, the Minelab Manticore metal detector is a powerful, reliable, and advanced detector that offers a range of features that makes it stand out in the market. The super-charged Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (MULTI-IQ+) engine and advanced 2D Target Identification (ID) technology give it the capability to reach greater depths and identify targets with greater precision. The rich audio options and wireless audio compatibility with headphones, make it easy for detectorists to interpret the signals and adjust the detector’s settings accordingly for the best results. The field test results, comparison with competitors, and other evaluations made in the article, show that the Manticore is indeed one of the best metal detectors available in the market today. It’s an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced detectorists alike, who are looking for a powerful and reliable detector that can help them find more treasure

7 Tips For Using the Minelab Manticore.

  • Take the time to learn the Manticore’s settings and features: The Manticore is a powerful detector with many advanced features. To get the most out of it, take the time to learn the different settings and options available to you.
  • Get to know your machine: Get at least 100 hours on the Manticore. That is the time it will take to properly learn the Manticore and give you confidence you need to take full advantage of all of capabilities the Manticore has to offer.
  • Use the 2D Target ID to your advantage: The Manticore’s advanced 2D Target ID technology is a powerful tool that can help you quickly and easily identify valuable targets. Use this feature to your advantage by studying the target ID numbers and learning what they correspond to.
  • Adjust audio settings to your preference: The Manticore’s rich audio options allow you to customize the tone ID, volume, and other settings to your liking. Experiment with different themes to find the ones that work best for you and your ears
  • Take note of Ground Balance: The Manticore is equipped with a ground balance feature that helps you to minimize interference from mineralized soil. Make sure to learn how to adjust it accordingly to your search location.
  • Always follow detector etiquette: Always respect private property and obtain permission before searching, always fill in any holes you dig, and always leave the search area better than you found it. Remember, the hobby is not just about finding treasures, but also to respect the environment and historical sites.
  • Join a metal detecting club: Joining a metal detecting club is a great way to learn from other Manticore owners, share tips and knowledge, and make new friends. Plus, most clubs have organized hunts and events which are a great way to put your Manticore to use in a fun and social setting.

How Much Does The Manticore, Deus 2, Equinox 700 and 900 Cost?

At the time of writing this article the availability of the Manticore was very limited. As the supply chain catches up with consumer demand, you can expect to the find the price around $1600. However, prices will eventually come down so its important to compare prices. Below are a couple of places you can check to see if the metal detectors mentioned in this article are available and if the price is what you would expect to pay.

Metal DetectorKellycoAmazonFort Bedford
Minelab ManticoreCheck PriceCheck PriceCall directly 1-814-215-1732
XP Deus 2Check PriceCheck PriceCall directly 1-814-215-1732
Minelab Equinox 900Check PriceCheck PriceCall directly 1-814-215-1732
Minelab Equinox 700Check PriceCheck PriceCall directly 1-814-215-1732

If you are looking for one of the metal detectors mentioned in this article you can find the Manticore, XP Deus 2, and the Equinox 700 and 900 over at Fort Bedford Metal Detectors. They offer fair and competitive pricing with great service and support. Give them a chance to earn our business but make sure you tell them Scott from Mental Metal Detecting referred you and don’t forget to mention a military discount for veterans and active duty service members. Give them a call directly at 1-814-215-1732

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