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XP DEUS II: Comparing 2 Programs Back to Back (Relic and Coin)
63 views · May 29, 2022
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In this video I'm testing a new relic program but I wanted to compare it to another program (my coin program) to determine if the new relic program is good or if my coin program configured to run as a relic program is better. Its a short hunt but I'll compare target audio and target id to figure out if I have a good relic program or if I'm heading back to my test garden to try something else. My coin program is built off the Park program and my Relic program is built off of Deus Mono. You can find my coin program setup here:

Are you new to the XP Deus II? Check out my new article titled, "How to Use The XP Deus II (Beginners Guide)" in this article I provide some additional context and what I have been figuring out since picking up the Deus II. These lesson videos are also linked in the article as well. Check out it here:

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My XP Deus 2 for Beginner Lessons:
Lesson 1: How to Power Up, Change Audio Volume and Select a  Search Program.
Lesson 2: How-to Ground Balance, Pinpoint, and Use Frequency Scan
Lesson 3: Sensitivity, Reactivity, Discrimination, and Silencer.
Lesson 4: The X&Y Display - How to Find It and Use it (With Examples)
Lesson 5: Audio Options, How to Make it Sound Sweet!
Lesson 6: Customizing and Saving Search Programs. Step by Step Guide.

See the Deus II in action with live digs and REAL targets with explanations why to dig or not.

Want to see what's in the XP Deus II box? Check out my unboxing video

I need to thank Fort Bedford Metal Detectors for getting the XP Deus II into my hands as quick as they could. If you are looking for a metal detector, search coil, piece of gear etc., give them a chance to earn your business. You can find them online or give them a call 814-215-1732 and tell them the Mental Metal Channel sent you. 

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